Winter Mini Sessions

I am sitting at my table looking outside at the snow falling softly. It looks peaceful. Magical! A Winter Wonderland. I want to go jump in the soft white powder outside. But then I remember… Polar vortex. It is freezing and very unpleasant to be outside! I’ll rather just make myself another cup of coffee and reminisce about warmer winter days.

We couldn’t complain about the winter up till now. We had some very beautiful, mild days which were perfect for photography. I did Winter Minis for families and couples in December and realized that this is the perfect type of session to do in the winter, especially for families with small kids. Some of the pictures were used for Christmas cards and others to update the photo wall. They are short and sweet and fun! It is a great way to capture the beauty of each season. Bonus for me-I met a lot of great people, some adorable kids and fur babies!

Here are some of my favourite moments.

In the meantime, polar vortex, you can return where you came from.


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