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What is lifestyle photography and why I love it

May 3, 2019

You may have come across the term ‘lifestyle photographer’ or ‘lifestyle photography’ and wondered what that meant. Today, I want to explain what lifestyle photography entails and why I chose to be a lifestyle photographer.

Lifestyle photographers capture real-life moments as they unfold. Their goal is to capture creative images in people’s natural habitat- when they are unposed and relaxed, whether it is in their home or an outdoor location. The photographer takes on a documentary or fly-on-the-wall approach to capture candid, spontaneous moments. What makes it so exciting is that you get to capture life in action. You will not only get the images where everyone is happy and laughing but also the images where the toddler throws a tantrum and mom and dad give each other a bewildered look. That’s life! And that is how you want to remember these fleeting moments. The ups and downs, the moments and memories that you will cherish forever.



I am naturally drawn to lifestyle photography as a result of three questions that I frequently ask myself: 1) Will my client like this? 2) Is the style of the image true to me? 3) Will I want to put this picture up on my wall? I love the smitten looks that couples give each other, the family picture that everyone laughs about, and the four-legged family members feature too.  And if I were in front of the camera, that is the picture that I would hang on my wall.


Another thing I love about being a lifestyle photographer is capturing the details- the wedding band, baby’s tiny feet or the bow in the toddler’s hair. This might not be the image that you would put up on the wall, but it is important to include in the gallery for you to remember the small things. The things that would make you smile in a couple years from now.



Don’t let lifestyle photography scare you if you are not a natural in front of the camera. I do believe it is important to provide some direction with regards to positioning and staging. From there, I would let life unfold and capture the interactions and sweet moments. For me, it is not only important to capture the right moment but to make you look your best.


At the end of the day, a lifestyle session tells a story that showcases the relationships and genuine moments shared. That is what makes me tick and that is why I love lifestyle photography!




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