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Tianna Motherhood | Bonnyville

Jul 8, 2020

Motherhood session| Bonnyville photographer

“If today is not your day,
then be happy
for this day shall never return.
And if today is your day,
then be happy now
for this day shall never return.”
Kamand Kojouri

Tianna went on a family vacation earlier this year and came back with one photo of her and her daughter. One. She had lots of other photos documenting their wonderful vacation and fond memories they made, but only one of her and her daughter. Hence their Motherhood Session.

Capturing Tianna’s Motherhood Session was truly special. I love how their session highlights their close bond and tender love for each other. The way Indie holds Tianna’s hand and pulls her hair, or the way Tianna’s face lights up when Indie gives her a tight hug. Those moments are so fleeting and should not be forgotten.


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