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Three reasons why Spring is my favourite season for photo sessions | Bonnyville

Apr 9, 2021

After months of everything being dead, dormant or frozen, Mother Nature is showing some signs of life. This makes me giddy with excitement because I know that in a month’s time, it will be my favourite season! Here are the three reasons why:

  1. Spring represents life

There are few things as refreshing and satisfying as plants returning after months of snow. Spring is a time of renewal and symbolizes the fleeting nature of life. It amazes me every year how wonderfully our planet was created- that nature just knows when it is time to return. And here in Alberta, it is an explosion! There is a heightened excitement to be outside as much as possible and many hours are spent gardening.

2. Spring Blossoms

Fruit trees, orchards and cherry blossoms… If you know me, you’ll know that I love flowers! And seeing them around every corner is stunning. I also believe that they elevate photo sessions. They create a dreamy and romantic colour palette and ambience. 

3. The perfect shade of green

This is probably something that only a photographer will notice. As I mentioned before, we have an explosion of green in Spring, where in the height of summer the green can be aesthetically overwhelming. In Spring, the greens are still soft and pleasing to the eye. (Don’t let this put you off of booking a session in summer, though. A good photographer knows to choose a location to get around this.) 

Spring should be here in all its glory in a few weeks. For now, I am waiting in anticipation for my favourite season.


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