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Stover Family Farm Session

Oct 3, 2019

When Kenzie suggested that we have their family session at her parents’ farm, I was very excited! What can be more special than to have your family pictures taken at a place that is so close to your heart? A place where so many fond memories were formed and continues to be formed. I can’t imagine a more magical place for a kid to grow up!

I arrived at the picturesque farm and immediately knew that this session was going to be a goodie! The farm is encircled by beautiful trees and lush greens. We were joined by farm dogs, goats, horses and cows and drove on the back of the truck from location to location. I reminisced about when I visited my grandfather on his farm as a kid. All the wonderful memories formed there came flooding back and I really missed him at that moment.

What a great experience! Thank you for inviting me, Stover Family! I hope your pictures will always remind you of this very special chapter of your lives! Enjoy!



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