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My favourite kids outfits on Amazon for your fall family portraits

Jul 21, 2020

I can sing the praises of online shopping all day and Amazon has saved me so many trips to the city. With the pandemic in full swing, I want to avoid shopping trips as much as possible. Online shopping is being used more than ever, but I think Amazon is often overlooked for kids’ clothes. Just as a side note, this post is not sponsored, I am just an Amazon fan.

I’ve posted tips on what to wear for your photo session before, but in case you missed it, here are some tips to choose the perfect outfits for your family for your fall photo session:

For a photoshoot, you want to dress up a little more than you would normally. A simple outfit with an accessory can go a long way. I always recommend choosing a softer colour palette and avoiding dark or bright colours.

When deciding on a colour palette for your family’s outfits, choose a few colours that create balance. Try to incorporate both warm and cold colours, but staying in that soft colour palette. Think of coordinating the outfits and colours instead of matching them. Give each family member his/her own dominant colour and incorporate the other family members’ dominant colours in the accessories or smaller clothing items. This creates a cohesive look for images that you will love forever.

To help you find the perfect outfits for your kids for your fall family portraits, I linked a few of my favourite items below.




Fall photoshoot outfit girl| Bonnyville photographer








Girls dress fall outfit


Bonnyville photographer| Alberta lifestyle photographer




Fall outfits girls | Bonnyville Alberta photographer







Boys outfit fall photos





Boys shorts fall outfits















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