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Kristen & Benjamin | Bonnyville

May 26, 2020


Strong as a Mother. This statement has been mauling in my mind for a while. Being a mother means to fulfill many roles at once. Mothers are brave and fierce, yet gracious and caring while fulfilling the pivotal task of raising children. It means to guard little hearts and tame big emotions. To be bone-tired and sing Baby Shark at the top of your lungs is all in the order of a day. It is also the greatest privilege and honour. It is not always easy, but the so rewarding. Motherhood should be celebrated.































  1. Kristen Hager says:

    Oh My Gosh !!! Carike these are beautiful and they mean the world to me. These will be forever treasures that will remind me of a wild year full of challenges and heart bursting love all wrapped into one. I can’t thank you enough 💕

  2. Carike Fouché says:

    You’re so welcome, Kristen!!

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